Training Your Dog To Come

If you’ve ever tried to train a dog, you’ll notice that it’s not exactly easy to get your dog to come when you call. To those who train dogs professionally, watching people try to train their dogs to come is one of the most hilarious things. This is due to the fact that so many people do it wrong.

When we try to train our dogs to come, there’s a very specific thing we want. We want to be able to say “Here, Rover!” and then have Rover sprint towards us as quickly as they can. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to make that happen. If you want your dog to come when they’re called, you have to make the come command the greatest thing ever. This involves giving them the best rewards.

Here are a few tips if you’re not sure how to do that.

Many people use the come command when they’re upset at their dog. This results in them calling their dog, and then yelling at their dog when their dog does come. This can undo months of work. Dogs aren’t the same as people, they’re not capable of understanding nuance the same way. So when you call them, only to yell at them, they connect the yelling with being called. That means they’re less likely to come, because they know they’ll only get yelled at.

There’s nothing wrong with calling your dog in order to get them to stop doing something. However, you need to praise them for coming. Don’t think of calling your dog as a way to stop doing something, but rather a way to get them to check in with you. While it may seem counter-intuitive, if you call them consistently when they’re doing something you don’t want them to do, they’ll learn not to do it. This is true even if you praise them for coming when you call.

When you’re trying to train your dog, there’s a simple formula that you should follow.

CALL your dog by name
REWARD your dog immediately
RELEASE your dog after you reward them

The reward doesn’t have to be something physical. You don’t have to give them food or a treat. Simply showing them affection and telling them that they are a good dog can be enough. But you need to make certain that they connect coming to your call with a pleasant experience.

If you’d like to see a live demonstration of the procedure, try this link: