Walking your dog is a far more enjoyable experience when they aren’t pulling and straining against their leash. Learning how to control dog pulling can help make your walks far more pleasant for both you and your dog. Not only that, but it can also help you establish your dominance, which in turn can help stem any other behavioral problems in your dog. Once your dog learns that they are not the pack leader, they will be far less likely to act out.

No matter which collar or lead you are using, until your dog realizes that he is not the pack leader, nothing will keep him from pulling. If your dog acts out constantly on your walks, there is something wrong with the relationship between the two of you. Teaching your dog to walk well on his leash is just a matter of establishing yourself as the pack leader.

In your dog’s mind, someone has to be the leader. If it isn’t you, they will step in to fill the role. The key is to convince your dog that you are in charge so that they will listen to what you say. Before you can do this on your walks, you first need to establish your dominance at home. By first learning to control your dog indoors, you will be far more likely to have success doing the same on your walks.

These tips should help you get started:

Once you get your dog’s leash, wait to attach it to his collar until he has completely calmed down. Don’t get in a hurry during this part of the process.

Next, you need to teach your dog not to pull while inside your own home before you can teach them outside. Fortunately, there are some great videos you can watch that show you how.

Start by walking around your house with your dog, winding your way between furniture. Make sure your dog follows along with you.

If your dog tries to take the lead, simply change direction so that you are in the front and your dog is behind you.

If your dog tries to pull backwards, call their name to encourage them to follow you and hold the lead firmly. Eventually they will realize they have nowhere else to go and will follow you.

Always be the first one through any doorways that you encounter, making your dog go through them after you.

You can practice going through your front door first over and over again until your dog stops trying to barge through before you.

Make sure that you have a calm, relaxed posture. Dogs can pick up on tension and may act out as a result.

Granted, while all of this sounds easy on paper, it takes a lot of skill and patience to implement in real life. Nothing beats having a video demonstration to understand how the process really works. Being able to see exactly what steps you should be taking to train your dog can help make your training sessions far more effective, allowing you to see faster and longer lasting results from your dog training efforts.

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