Face it, everyone is excited about your new puppy! Friends, neighbors, and family now stop by a lot more often now that Jaxsie is there. She tends to get as excited to see them as they are to see her and jumps up. It’s unpleasant, and her nails are stronger now, so it even can harm friends, family, and you.

There is a great reason that they jump up beyond wanting to get your attention and say hello. In the dog world, puppies will jump up and lick their mother’s face to signal that it is time to be fed.

Stop Puppy Jumping Now

How to stop puppy from jumping is the first order of the day. The number one way to prevent jumping from becoming a horrible habit and nuisance is to ignore it. As difficult as this is, it is one step that goes a very long way to discourage the behavior. Recall dogs are like behavioral machines. When you respond happily and encourage behavior, they will continue to do it. When you ignore behavior they will stop it.

If you do not stop puppy jumping, you are setting yourself up for trouble later on down the road. For one, if your puppy grows into a giant labrador or mastiff, then that quickly becomes painful, frightening, and annoying.

When your puppy jumps, turn and walk away, as difficult as that is. Do not engage them while they are hyped up and agitated. That means do not speak, engage, touch, or walk toward them. Definitely do not make eye contact. Be sure that they are calmed down, and wait five minutes before you then call the puppy to you.

Five minutes? If that sounds like a dream number and your puppy is still agitated, then just leave the room until they calm down, or place the puppy in another room.

How To Stop Puppy From Jumping Up Before Walks
A lot of puppies get so excited when their owner pulls out the leash that they jump up at this point. Rather than deal with this for the next 10 to 12 years, consider this. Instead, train them better by laying down the leash and waiting until your puppy calms down.

Puppy Space

To puppies and to dogs in general, the concept of breathing room or space is a very important one. When they want to invade your space, and you let them, you are teaching them to disrespect you.

When the dog is rambunctious and mouthing off, then fold your arms, avoid eye contact, and remain silent. You may even want to leave the room, or place the puppy in its crate. The idea is to train them to do what you want. You need them to quiet down so that you may enjoy greater peace and tranquility well into the future. Plus, it will allow your guests to enjoy your company rather than having to talk over a barking dog.

After a few minutes, you may go call your puppy and pick them up or cuddle with them. This trains them to wait for you and to look for you for cues on how to behave. It means they learn to stop jumping up on you and your guests. People will continue coming around to play with the puppy, and to visit you too. Use these tips how stop puppy from jumping up today.

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