There are two main questions that you need to ask yourself if you are serious about stopping aggression in your dog.

First and foremost, are you the one who instigates aggressive encounters with your dog?

Second, have you tried to show your dog a different way to behave before he starts acting up? If so, how does he respond?

In almost every case, the answer will be as follows.

Once your dog’s aggression kicks in, he will ignore you completely.

At that point, he is so focused on what is happening inside his own mind that trying to teach him different habits will be totally ineffective. He is simply too involved in his own aggression to be able to listen to or understand what you are trying to tell him. In most cases aggression stems from a dog’s need to protect themselves or their pack, which sometimes may mean the family that they live with.

Aggression comes in many forms, ranging from dogs who are trying to establish dominance to dogs who are hiding their fear by acting out aggressively. Some dogs are aggressive pretty much all the time, while others only become aggressive on rare occasions. Depending on your dog, they may also only be aggressive toward particular people, other dogs or random objects.

Dealing with dog aggression is relatively easy once you understand the root of the problem. In almost all cases, the aggression stems from the fact that your dog sees themself as the pack leader. As such, they feel responsible for protecting both themselves and the entire pack. If your dog is dominant, they will attack even if they have another choice such as to run away. Fearful dogs, on the other hand, will only stand their ground and fight if they are cornered and there is nowhere to run. Any other factors that are contributing to the aggression are minor when compared to the pack leader syndrome.

If you want to eliminate aggression in your dog, you have to find a way to convince them that you are the pack leader. The best place to start is at home. Once you have established dominance on your home turf, it will be far easier to establish on walks or while out and about. Fortunately, there are a number of different online videos that you can refer to that can instruct you on how to establish yourself as the pack leader.

After you get your dog to understand that you are the leader of the pack, you should see a difference in his behavior. During times when he normally would have been aggressive, he will start to pay attention to how you are behaving instead. If you don’t establish yourself as the pack leader, however, chances are the dog will continue to ignore you and will go on being aggressive.

Because dogs are pack animals, they always look to their pack leader.

The Online Dog Trainer provides excellent examples of this concept being implemented by a professional dog trainer. With lots of instructional videos on the site, you can learn how to stop your dog from being aggressive by establishing yourself as the leader of the pack. You can learn more here.