Puppies are very young and still developing and it is hard to remember that because unlike babies, they can walk and eat on their own. They need behavioral training to teach them how to act. This occurs by rewarding the behavior that you want from them, and by creating a structured schedule whereby they are encouraged to do what it is you want.

Let’s apply this to how to potty train your puppy. Just know that they are puppies, and when they have to pee they go wherever they are without the ability to recognize that it will make the bed very uncomfortable or smelly, for instance. They still have extremely small bladders and little cognizance of what they are doing all the time. That means they may have to pee as often as every 30 minutes, though some may be able to hold it up to 2 hours.

Create a structured schedule by grabbing the leash and walking your puppy out to the spot where you would like them to potty every one to two hours. It is going to feel like a huge inconvenience and chore at first, but it is well worth it in the long run. It will prevent soiled bed linens, carpets, chairs, and more.

When you take them outside, say a key phrase, such as “potty outside” or “here” or whatever term that will mean pee here. When they pee outside, give them a lot of praise. Celebrate it so that they want to potty outside all the time. Many pet owners and trainers provide a treat for Fido to reinforce the behavior even more.

Potty After Meals
After a meal, your puppy needs to be taken outside straightaway. Some puppies need to go within 1 minute of eating. Bring them outside until they pee and do a solid poop.

It may take a bit, as they may get distracted, but it is good because this gives you a sense of how much lead time you have before they will do their business. In the future, you will be able to time taking them out so that they are more focused and you will waste less time waiting for them.

Other pet owners will take their dog for walks after meals, to allow their pup to get it all out of their system.

Another Useful Tip

Remember that dogs respond to positive reinforcement and behavioral training. Whatever response you have to them trains them. They want you to be happy with them. Be patient as they develop and learn.

Striking or rubbing the dog’s nose teaches them nothing. All they will understand is that they did something unpleasant, but they will have no idea what it was. Next time they will hide their urine by peeing under the dining table, or behind the couch.

It is ineffective. Just do not be lazy, and take the dog out on the leash at least hourly to pee. Period. They might make mistakes because they are newborn puppies. You need to act like the adult, not a bully.

Puppies learn by behavioral training. They respond to positive reinforcement. Train them for success by taking them out for walks right after meal times, and take them out hourly to ensure potty training success. CLICK HERE: